Wooden Solar Wax Melter

The frame is made in 15mm pine laminated board, the inclination angle is 20 degrees, an improvement to keep in mind would be to do it with adjustable inclination.


The upper compartment where the frames or the wax to melt are placed this insulated with a 10 mm porex sandwich and 3 mm tablex board, thus maintaining that area thermally insulated and not losing heat.

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The edge finished with a molding that houses a rubber seal, the profile of the rubber used has a higher and inclined fillet that will be placed towards the interior of the wax melter to avoid the leakage of heat.


The base where the molten wax will be collected is removable for further cleaning and more comfort.


The base lining is made of 0.8 mm stainless steel


A flap was fitted as an overflow, so we have a small decanter for possible debris that does not remain in the mesh.

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Through this door you have access to the compartment where the tray or container is placed to collect the wax, being placed in the lower part of the melter we could open it if the container is full to change it without losing too much temperature.

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Important, the glass has to be double but recommended that is not climalit type as it will be broken by the temperature difference and dilation, in this case the chamber is made of a 12 mm wooden batten and two independent 5 mm crystals.

The first glass and the jinx already placed. Then the second glass and the molding that holds it.

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The window has a retention compass and this in turn has a double clip security system to prevent the window from closing when we are removing or placing the frames.




Load capacity and possible configurations

13 langstroth frames fit well.

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7 langstroth frames and a tray for wax remains or operculum.


Two trays for wax remains


In Dadant beehives would enter about 10 frames and layens about 7-8 moving the bars and joining the separation.


And since the trays have extensibles, they can also be combined with Layens


Or you can even place the two trays and a langstroth box on each side.


For the finishing, it is advisable to paint all the inside black to absorb the sun rays, the exterior of white or to taste of each, as they go insulated walls will not influence the interior temperature if we paint it from black to the outside.