karpinter, a carpenter of bees

CARPINTERÍA EBANISTERÍA IRURZUN SL is a family business located in Irurtzun (Navarra) and performs carpentry and joinery according to customer needs. It is led by Alberto Vidal, alias "karpinter" besides carpenter and cabinetmaker is amateur beekeeper.

It specializes in carpentry of all kinds of materials for Beekeeping: Beehives of any model, frames, nucleus, queen breeding hives, wax foundation press ...

Actively participates in the Community Beekeeping Forums http://salines.mforos.com, and it has relationships with the Beekeepers Association of Navarra http://www.apidena.org

One of the characteristics of the company is continuous innovation, experimentation with new materials and design exclusive models, for example,

  • use of new materials such as elastosil in the mold for real domes
  • construction of new supports, such as polystyrene-wood sandwitch, with obvious advantages of low weight and good thermal insulation
  • Embossing design and height-adjustable wax foundation moulds
  • queen rearing hives with interlocking means frames
  • construction of hives specially designed as hybrid beehive with trapezial frames, or observation beehives
  • novel for comb honey, based on hexagonal wooden boxes, with an option to decorations to suit the user design.

    horreo karpinter

    karpinter is of Galician origin, and one of its most striking patterns is the 'hórreo' beehive, inspired by the galician granary of his family.






Alberto Vidal—Karpinter.

Telf: 663 017 813