Observation beehive

Portable observation hive with both sides covered with sheets of Perspex; two langstroth frames, with a system of interlocking frames so that in case of a fall or tilt during transport or handling any bee you can not crush.

The hive is provided with two sliding blind side panels



To remove them simply rotate the closure.

observacion2  observacion3


The entrance for security is fixed with a lag, if you decide to use simply remove it and is a functional entrance.

observacion4  observacion5


The closure is provided with a safety pin must be removed to open the hive.



Methacrylate panels unlike theside panels are removed from the top with what is necessary to open the lid of the hive.



The fastening system of the frames: The frame is introduced by either side first removing one side methacrylate.

observacion8  observacion9


It is inserted into the channel and clamping piece is placed to the bottom.

observacion10 observacion11


As you can see the frames do not move with what a fortuitous drop it no crush bee.

observacion12  observacion13


It is also provided with a feeder on top, made in 'Apiguelu'. If the cap is removed we find a metal mesh, for safety above all else.

observacion14  observacion15 

And we observe in the recess can accommodate a jar as a feeder with a small hole in the lid.


Finished beehive. At the base and the cover has two holes mesh ventilation in summer and can even give more using the feeder.


The observation hive populated who used to carry a school, the very interesting and educational experience.

observacion18 observacion19  

Best of all, see the queen and her court.



Alberto Vidal—Karpinter.

Telf:34 663 017 813