Mini frames

The system is based on a mini frame, adaptable to Layens and Lanstroth models.


This is a mini frame, has an inner surface 15.5 x 11.5 cm

cabezal desmontable  cabezal desmontable2

Its peculiarity is that the head is removed.
It is made dovetail and slides with relative ease. With the disassembled head is ready to paste wax and connect it to a Layens or Langstroth frame to enter the desired hive for the bees to build honeycomb.

cuadro layens   layens 4 minicuadros

The Layens frame is special but the external dimensions are standard and can be manufactured in any size respecting internal measures. And so it is with 4 mini frames mounted ready to get to the hive.

cuadro perfeccion  perfeccion 3 cuadros

The Langstroth frame is also special as the Layens, external measures are standard. And thus it is mounted with the same mini frames but instead of 4 only with 3 mini frames.

Once the wax is stretched and contains brood are removed, they placed the head and taken to the mating nucleus.

For the introduction of queens there is a special mini frame fitted with cage.

jaula introduccion reinas  jaula introduccion reinas2

It is provided with a  hole to introduce the queen, and another to close it with candy.

jaula introduccion reinas3

There are also frame feeders for this format

alimentador baby  alimentador baby2



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