Modular system for queen rearing and matting

The modular system for queen rearing and matting is composed of a small babys or individual mininucleus of 3 or 4 half frames.


These modules have their ventilation in the base which in turn matches that of the box and hole for single feeder, the cover carries hinge and closure making it ideal for transport.

They can be housed in boxes for 6, 4, or 2 packs, each with its individual entrance.

 petacas2  petacas3

The entrance is folding and has a rotating disc with 4 positions.

 petacas4 petacas5

The module has a closing system that when you insert it into the drawer opens and when you close it closes automatically, being very comfortable and practical since we do not crush any bee.


 Each module has its own lid, so we can independently inspect each one without danger of mixing the bees from one to another and even if it is not necessary that all the modules are placed in the box, we can have the quantity that we want or need.


The top feeders have a capacity of almost half a liter of food and just as the modules can be used independently.


The cover is insulated with 10mm porex and has enough space for the feeders, then lined with sheet metal.


Possibility of modules of 4 half frames.

 petacas10 petacas11

Both the modules and the feeders need to be given a paraffin or wax bath as they are made with a 5 mm tablex, I am preparing the same system with the polycarbonate modules, I think it will be much more durable and with better results even when increasing Plus isolation.

Another possibility offered by this system is that of combining the packs with a 6-frame nucleus.

petacas12 petacas13

The nucleus can be mounted on either end of the box and accompanied by 2 modules of 3 half-frames or 3 modules in the box for 4-frame boxes.

petacas14 petacas15

Like the modules the nucleus has the same system of opening and closing of entrance and can be placed 2 top feeders, the same as the packs, or a frame feeder.

petacas16 petacas17 petacas18

Between the box and the modules is an air chamber around the perimeter that serves as insulation.

At the moment it is only a prototype but I think it offers many possibilities.