Multifunction nucleus

Multifunction wood nucleus

Nucleus with 6 divisible frames, with multiple configurations for 1, 2.3 0 4 queens, manufacturability Model Langstroth, Dadant, Layens, National Hive etc.

It has 4 entrances alternating on each side of the nucleus and 4 vents, inner cover with cork isolated and insulated with 30 mm polystyrene ceiling.

It can be used as a normal nucleus with  standard 6 frames.


Divided into two parts of 3 standard frames.

nucleo2 nucleo3

It can be used as nucleus for queen mating, because several configurations are possible until a total of 4 compartments 3/2 frames.

nucleo4 nucleo5

Thanks to several slots we can change the setting to our needs.



3 compartments 4 semi frames

2 compartments with 4 semi frames + 2 compartments whth 2 semi frames.

In this configuration we could have one queen fertilized putting in the compartment 6 frames, and extract frames with brood to the other two compartments of 3 frames to breed new queens.


1 compartment with 6 semi frames + 1 compartment with 3 semi frames + 1 with 2 semi frames


Top feeder

nucleo11  nucleo12

In setting 4 compartments the feeder can go directly on the frames, or on the inner cover in any configuration

nucleo13  nucleo14
It has a small compartment for feeding pollen if desired.

Semi frame feeder


nucleo16 nucleo17 
They can be assembled to other semi frames.

Cage for introduction of queens.

nucleo18 nucleo19 nucleo20
Like the feeder can be attached to a frame or to another feeder.

Multifunction Polystyrene nucleus

In a sandwich made with solid polystyrene, edges 31x40 mm wood and lined inside with wood contrast screen 1 mm, and all binding microensamble polyurethane glue.

Like the wood nucleus offers the same configuration options besides offering better conservation and maintenance of temperature with minimal energy consumption for bees.

nucleo21 nucleo22
nucleo23 nucleo24
nucleo25 nucleo26

Download pdf: Núcleo multifunción de 6 cuadros


Alberto Vidal—Karpinter.

Telf: 34 663 017 813